Wednesday, December 5, 2007

A canopy of trees, sweet warbling birds, crystal-clear water of a lovely river.

This is Paniyeli Poru, a serene, scenic picnic spot.

It forms part of the Periyar River and is located at Paniyely, Perumbavoor, Kerala, India.

Here are some photos from my recent re-visit to there: Enjoy..

Friday, July 13, 2007

Paniyeli "Poru"

Paniyeli "Poru"

Paniyeli is a place for adventurous travellers, a little known picnic destination, on the outskirts of Kochi. This place is not explored much still, gives a fresh, lively and perfect escape for refreshing your soul.‘Paniyeli Poru’, is near Krariyeli, Perumbavoor, Kerala. It has natural water falls, small rivulets, offshore surrounded by rich flora and fauna. There are no entry fees or travelling restrictions.

A Perfect Adventure :

Resting, by sitting on the offshore surrounded by dense trees, is a unique experience. The sweet, melodious sound of birds, the bustling sound of water waves makes your heart, mind and body cheerful. The crystal-clear water of the lovely river ‘Periyar’ flowing in between two main lands ‘Malayattoor’ in the north and ‘Paniyeli’ in the south, provides a Panoramic view to the visitors. The hilly terrain of St: Thomas mount, western Ghats, the famous kraal at Kodanad etc. forms part of ‘Paniyeli Poru’. The reserve forest area here comes under the jurisdiction of the Divisional Forest Office, Malayatoor. The forest headquarters is at Kodanad, nearly 10 kilometres from Poru.


Persons traveling to this place should be cautious. The strong water currents and deep vortex formed between the strata of rocks and mangroves can be dangerous. Beware of the strong under currents, before stepping into the water. The slippery rocks and pebbles may lead to danger.

Although the dense forest on the shore of ‘Periyar’ is devoid of wild animals, deer, pig, and python can be seldom seen. Leeches are also rampant along the pathway leading to ‘Poru’. The milky waterfall at ‘poru’ can be seen from the distant shore. It is risky to reach there by crossing over the strata of rocks and mangroves. Even during hot summer, when water level falls, it is dangerous to cross over the strata of rocks, unless vigilant. It is advisable to enjoy the beauty of water bursting, by sitting on the shore. Even if the water level is below buttock level, the gap between the rocks may be slippery and fathom. Even a good swimmer cannot with stand and tide out of the strong water currents here.

Do not immerse in deep and farther water. Don’t step in to water after consuming liquor. The rocks in between the mangroves may be slippery due to the in flow of gushy dam water and rain. It is advisable that tourists carry food packets and drinking water, bathing towels, etc.While in Kerala you may also visit Kothamangalam, and Munnar, a hill station and good tourist destination.

The favourable season to visit ‘ Paniyeli Poru’ is from December- May. Advisable time to spend here is from 10am -5pm. There are no hotels or lodges here. Nearest Lodging is available at Perumbavoor or Aluva. Also places like Kumarakom, back waters of Kerala, Thekkadi, Kuttanad, and many places may be of your interest.

How To Reach There:

Paniyeli Poru is approx 54 kilometres from Kochi, the business Capital Of Kerala. The nearest railway station is Aluva at 35 kms.
The Kochi International Airport, Nedumbassery is 35 kms from here.